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Francisco Leal Quevedo

Francisco Leal Quevedo

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He is a pediatrician and philosopher. He was born in Ibague- Colombia, on Halloween, 1945.

He has completed 30 years of practicing pediatrics. Still every evening he go to his office to bring health and happiness to his young patients. At that time he wrote science books (medicine, philosophy) that had nothing to do with fiction or literature.

He has a the soul of a traveler, he goes through life looking for the perfect landscape, the unforgettable emotion and when he feels touched by someplace, he invent a fictional story on it to share with my readers those unforgettable moments. He think literature does not only entertains us, but makes us better people and allows us to understand our life more and that of others. That is precisely what he looks for when he write: to celebrate life.

1. Aventura en el Amazonas. Ed. Alfaguara Infantil, Colombia. 2003 . 12th edition. Finalist of the "Norma Fundalectura"

2. Aventura en Tierradentro. Ed. Alfaguara Infantil, Colombia. 2005. 9th edition

3. Aventura en el Caribe.  Ed. Alfaguara Infantil, Colombia. 2007. 6th edition 

4. El camino de MatildeEd. Alfaguara Infantil, Colombia. 2007. 5th edition 

5. El mordisco de la medianoche. Ed SM, Colombia. 2010. 2th edition 2009, Award  "II Premio Barco de Vapor- Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango. Book chosen by the Ministry of National Education- Colombia in the seed plan to provide national public libraries.

6. Faltan 77 días , Ed. Random House Mondadori, Colombia, 2010

7. Los secretos de Hafiz Mustafá, Ed. SM, Colombia. 2010. 2th edition 

8. Matilde y el ladrón de los recuerdos, Ed. Alfaguara Infantil, Colombia. 2012

9. Los Hijos del Viento, Editorial Educar, 2012. 2th edition 

10. Guarida de Fantasmas, Panamericana Ed. 2013

11. El Huevo del fin del mundo, Panamericana Ed. in preparation

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