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Luisa Etxenike

Luisa Etxenike

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Borned in San Sebastián, Spain, in 1957. Her short stories have been included in numerous anthologies - Antología de escritoras españolas contemporáneas by Inmaculada Pertusa y Nancy Vosbrug. The most recent “Un deseo propio “. She translated from French to Jacques Roubaud (Algo negro), Jean-Michel Maulpoix (La cabeza de Paul Verlaine) and Claude Lanzmann (Algo vivo pasa). She is a columnist for the opinion of the newspaper El País in the edition of the Basque country. For several years she directed a creative writing workshop. She is a President of the "Asociación de escritores/as de Euskadi-Euskadiko Idazleen Elkartea". She is a coordinator of the international meetings of writers who are held in San Sebastian since 1987. In 2007 he received the distinction of Chevalier of the order of Arts and letters by the French Government. 

1. "El angulo Ciego" (Euskadi 2009 award)

2. "Los peces negros"

3. "El mal más grave"

4. "Efectos secundarios"

5. "Ejercicios de dueloa collection of short stories

6. "Vino"Sold: France

7. "El detective de sonidos" Sold: France

You can watch an interview by Pilar Rodriguez, Ph.D professor at University of Deusto here.

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