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Crêpes bio, c'est party (Organic crepes) | Cooking Books

Crêpes bio, c'est party (Organic crepes) | Cooking Books

Crêpes bio, c'est party (Organic crepes) | Cooking BooksCrêpes bio, c'est party (Organic crepes) | Cooking Books

Title details

• White flour, eggs, milk... Do you have all your ingredients for a crepe party ? Very good. Now put them back in your cupboard and get your organic alternative collection out : wholemeal flour and/or gluten free, oleaginous puree, vegetable milks, natural sugars, essential oils...

• 31 recipes for big or small occasions:
- Green soy blinis with coriander
- Little quinoa flakes crepes
- Almond milk crepes and pear cream with candied ginger
- Tiramisu-style crepes mille-feuilles...

by Clémence Catz, Maria Ángeles Torres

Main strenghts 

• Healthy crepes without gluten, cow’s milk or eggs, it’s possible. And it’s also the opportunity to test our overactive imagination.

• Innovative crepes, new flavours.

• Illustrated and gourmet demonstration, with 31 sweet or salty recipes.

16 x 22 cm | 25 color photographs | soft cover | 72 pages | (13,000 words)

Categories: cooking books

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