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Cuisiner avec le feu (Cooking with fire) | Cooking Books

Cuisiner avec le feu (Cooking with fire) | Cooking Books

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Barbecue grill, fireplace, smokehouse, bread oven : cooking on the outside, close to nature has become very trendy in France. Wood-fired cooking has evolved to become subtler and healthier, using more and more green ingredients. 

6 chapters = 6 ways of cooking with fire:

• Direct or indirect (on embers) cooking : How to roast chestnuts, to cook a cake on a spit... Some authentic techniques that will amaze everyone, even the barbecue specialists.

• Plancha and cast iron cooking (plancha, pan, wok, waffle maker). How to cook wood-fire cooked crêpes, or a wok of wild asparagus.

• Steamed food (using indirect radiant heat). How to cook stuffed pumpkin, Kohlrabi in salt crust, bread in a cast iron pan.

• Stewed cooking (On a camp fire or in a fireplace). Perfect to cook an aligot (mashed potatoes with cheese), mulled wine or pop corn.

• Smoked cooking (hot or cold smoked food).To smoke almonds, garlic, raclette or barbecue sauce.

• Cooking in a wood-fired oven. Recipes to cook bread, brioche, pizzas.

Text and photography by Linda Louis 

16 x 22  cm | 25 color photographs | 324 pages | 13 000 words

Category: Cooking Books

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