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Fromages Vegan (Vegan Chesse) | Cooking Books

Fromages Vegan (Vegan Chesse) | Cooking Books

Fromages Vegan (Vegan Chesse) | Cooking Books

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The first book on that subject in France, “the country of the 246 cheeses”! Grated cheese, fresh cheese, creamy cheese, you can make it all in a vegan version.

In the book
• How to make home-made fermented cheeses (made with réjujelac, a fermented wheat germ), creamy cheese spreads (made with cashew nut, sesame or tofu) or strong cheeses (made with miso, tempeh, malt yeast).

• Recipes that use the usual home-made dairy techniques, adapted to vegan ingredients: coagulation-filtration-pressing of non-dairy milks, fermentation techniques and recipes that use already fermented products.

• About 30 complex or every day recipes, using a great deal of ingredients rich in calcium and in good fatty acids (sesame, almonds, coconut).

Photography and text  by Marie Laforêt

Marie Laforêt, a specialist of vegan cooking, shares her innovative recipes on her blog (“100% vegan”). As she is also a photographer, she illustrates herself her recipes. She lives in Paris
and is the author of “Vegan Gourmet desserts”,
“Coconut” and “Vegan”.

Rights sold: Brazil

16 x 22 cm | 25 color photographs | soft cover | 72 pages | (13,000 words)

Categories: cooking books

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