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Superblender | Cooking Books

Superblender | Cooking Books

Superblender | Cooking BooksSuperblender | Cooking BooksSuperblender | Cooking Books
Superblender | Cooking Books

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Ice, nuts, seeds... Nothing can resist superblenders, except maybe the creativity of the author, the journalist Estérelle Payanay!

  •  4 times more powerful that an ordinary blender, it’s possible to realize thanks to the superblender tasty smoothies, smoother soups, vegetal milk without filtration and also homemade flours.
  • Large families, homemade-fan, lovers of fruits, vegetables and raw food will find originality in this book, which revisits the classic way of cooking with a blender, and innovative recipes:

- homemade-frappucino,

- cocoa powder and spread,

- vegetal butter,- crêpes and fruits pies...

by Estérelle Payany

Photography Linda Louis

The author Parisian food journalist, Esterelle Payany has written a large number of cookbooks, such as Express little breads or Veggie burgers, published by La Plage editions.

16 x 22 cm | 26 color photographs | soft cover | 72 pages | (10 300 words)

Categories: cooking books

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