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Vegan | Cooking Books

Vegan | Cooking Books

Vegan | Cooking BooksVegan | Cooking BooksVegan | Cooking Books

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Best Vegan Cuisine Book - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2014

A few years ago, Vegan was still a mysterious word. But today, more and more people stop to eat animal products. For ethic or healthy reasons, for the pleasure of the creativity or because of an alimentary disobedience...

• Discover the richness and the diversity of the vegan gastronomy. A very creative cooking to cook without eggs, meat, fish or dairy product.

• More than 500 recipes to learn how to make your own vegan cheese, how to cook astonishing deserts, how to prepare the great classics in 100 % vegetal version…


• To go further, the book proposes information about the principal ingredients of the vegan cooking, illustrated step by steps, and nutritional advices by the doctor Bernard-Pellet.

16 x 26 cm |  soft cover

324 pages

Text and Photographies by Marie Laforêt 

Categories: cooking books

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