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Layering | Lifestyle, Wellness and Crafts

Layering | Lifestyle, Wellness and Crafts

Layering | Lifestyle, Wellness and CraftsLayering | Lifestyle, Wellness and Crafts

Title details

• The layering is a double cleaning of the face, followed by several cares to have a firm, clean, radiant and healthy skin.

• It’s a time of cares, which brings well-being and harmony and reinforces the feeling of love and of self-respect.

• The layering presented in this book is focused on the organic cosmetics. The author adds to the different steps the home-made recipes of products of care, whose Japanese women are fond of. These are easy recipes, which pass down from generation to generation :
- Lotions with vinegar, lemon...
- Serum : use of compresses, ice cubes, aloe vera...
- Masks and creams : use of floral waters, ground rice, vegetable oils...
- Exfoliation, lip balms, baths and massages...

Main strengths

• Who never admired the fresh and silky colouring of the Asian women ? This perfect skin with women, who seem to be 10 years younger than their real age, makes always more jealous in Europe.
• Through this little book, each step of this protocol of care is presented. For that, the author favours the natural and organic products, that she teaches us to make home.

72 pages | 16 x 22 cm | 373 words |  | New edition Jan 2013

Categories: Lifestyle, Wellness and Crafts

Sold: Belarus, Spanish

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