Cooking book rights: Latest release and programme to the second semester 2012


See our latest releases on cooking books:

  • Délices Déshydratés:  Food uncooked and dried, retain their nutritional properties and reveals a surprising culinary potential!
  • Nouveaux gâteaux au yaourt: A cake very vintage easily declinable: with organic products, trendy ingredients or "gluten-free", "no milk", "no egg" version...
  • Châtaignes: The book has a  rich and distinctive iconography: 50 photos of chestnuts in situ prepared  directly from the forest ... 
  • Sans Gluten Naturellement: This new edition, in a deluxe form and richly illustrated by a culinary photographer will celebrate its 10th year of success.
  • Recevoir en Bio: A beautiful book bound and highly illustrated. Twelve cards-recipes of different format are inserted between the pages of the book.
  • Desserts gourmands sans œufs ni lait: Allergies and intolerances are multiplying. Presentation substitution ingredients and thirty recipes that portray the best vegetarian desserts and pastries.

Download details about our latest releases here.

 /CONTENIDOS/la plage/cooking/Nouveaux Gâteaux au yaourt (New Yogurt Cakes)/Gâteaux au yaourt_small.png/CONTENIDOS/la plage/cooking/Recevoir en Bio (Receive Bio)/recevoir_bio_small.png/CONTENIDOS/la plage/cooking/Chataignes (Chestnuts)/Chataignes_small.jpg/CONTENIDOS/la plage/cooking/Sans Gluten Naturellement (Naturally Gluten-free)/sans_gluten_naturellement_small.png/CONTENIDOS/la plage/cooking/Desserts Gourmands sans oeufs ni lait/desserts_gourmands_sans_oeufs_ni_lait_small.png

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