El detective de sonidos by Luisa Etxenike-Coup de coeur 2013 Edition of New Spanish Books-France.


El detective de sonidos by Luisa Etxenike: Coup de coeur selection 2013 New Spanish Books panel France.

New Spanish Books Website; a guide to current Spanish titles with rights available for translation in different countries (UK, Japon, France, Germany, US), complete with reviews of titles selected by a panel of experts. The panel meets twice and decisions are based on their knowledge, experience and intuition, as well as on reader’s reports. Members of the panel take their decisions with total independence. 

For this edition, the panel was composed of: Svetlana DOUBIN, André GABASTOU, Serge MESTRE, Bernard SICOT, Delphine VALENTIN, with the special collaboration of Juan Manuel BONET. The books have been read by our panelists and by experienced and independent readers: Bertille AMORTEGUI, François Michel DURAZZO, François GAUDRY, Fanny GAUVIN, Sophie HOFNUNG, Marta MARTINEZ VALS and Jean Marie SAINT LU.


See more information in the New Spanish Books website.


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