Luisa Etxenike`s “Vino” issued in French by Robert Laffont


Luisa Etxenike – Issued in French by Robert Laffont.

“Le ravissement de l’été” is a psychological novel that speaks of the memory and the passage of time, the wine is a metaphor. It also evokes the sentimental and sexual initiation of a teenager, with a beautiful sensuality, in a sober and sharp writing. It reveals the ways in which remembrance flourishes in us with finesse, pursues us, inspires us, destroys us or enlightens us.


• “A distinctive voice in contemporary fiction. Characters are displayed through a world of feelings based on fragments.” ABC

• “A story of desire and passion that surrounds the wine metaphor. A psychological intrigue where past and present shows at the memory of the protagonists.” Boletín de ficciones

Download details here. You can wacth the interview France 24 (Mai.12.2012)

Luisa Etxenike`s “Vino” issued in French 

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