Meet our new Award-winning Authors and Illustrators!


Again we will be in Bologna with new authors and illustrators who excel in their home markets and deserve to be internationally known for their high diffusion and local success.

Abiali Afidi will be proud to present you with an amazing catalog, including books from important writers and illustrators from Belgium (Anne Herbaut-Ed. Esperluète), Brazil (Roger Mello, Marianna Massarani), Colombia (Yolanda Reyes, Dipacho, Francisco Leal QuevedoRoberto Cajicá-Gato Malo Editorial, Evelio Rosero-Ed. Panamericana), Argentina (Iñaki Echevarría-Ed. Manoescrita), Chile (Magdalena Armstrong) and France (Veronique Vernette-Ed. Points de Suspension, Géraldine Collet-Ed. Philomèle).


 Yolanda Reyes







 Veronique Vernette



 Anne Herbaut



 Roger Mello



 Roberto Cajicá



 Iñaki Echevarría



 Géraldine Collet





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