The most comprehensive series of VEGAN cooking books to enjoy healthy life!



Vegan Cuisine is the most complete series of vegan cooking books that combine vegan ingredients, published by our client Éditions LA PLAGE, whose authors and engaged with real expertise to be transmitted in ecology: organic food, vegetarian cuisine, ecological habitat, proximal mothering... To be consistent, the books are printed nearby on recycled or certified paper (permanently managed forest).

  •  Raw baking, text and photos by Ophélie Véron: inspired from the original and tasty french desserts, like tarts, cremes and macarons!

  • 25 vegan dishes: After the success of her books Vegan and Vegan cheeses, Marie Laforêt, a specialist in vegan cooking, comes back with a combination of 25 main and salted dishes, focusing this time on the vegan food balance.

  • 25 desserts vegan, text et photos by Marie Laforêt: No eggs, no milk, no butter and yet, 25 recipes of delicious cakes and french pastries! Lactose-free, these books can also please a lot of intolerant people.

  • 25 vegan ice creams, text et photos by Marie Laforêt: Healthier, more digestible and less fatty, vegan ice creams are also perfect for lactose intolerants, and people who want to keep an eye on their waistline!

  • Green smoothies, by Marie Grave: Depurative, draining, diuretics, the green smoothies will “clean” the liver and lead to a detox effect. They are also to full of vitamins and antioxidants, and strengthen the immune system.

  • Healthy breakfast, by the well-known French author Clea: Having a healthy and appetizing breakfast, even in a rush? Yes, it’s possible!30 sweet and salted recipes with unrefined products to recharge durably the batteries and to enjoy the first hours of the day.

  • Superblender: Ice, nuts, seeds... Nothing can resist superblenders, except maybe the creativity of the author, the journalist Estérelle Payanay!

  • Buckwheat, the gluten-free alternative, by Clémence Catz: In France, buckwheat is most of the time synonym of galettes and crêpes. But this strange little seed has much more to offer, above all concerning raw food and gluten free recipes! 


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