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Social Theatre: Lampedusa mon amour

Social Theatre: Lampedusa mon amour

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It’s a performance  based on a free adaptation  of  "The Suppliants" by Aeschylus. Narrates  the drama of a group of men and women who, after reaching the European seashores,  running away  from violence and abuse in their homeland, ask for hospitality, shelter and protection .

The piece was constructed in the context of a psycho-social rehabilitation  laboratory  of the CIR (Italian Council for Refugees), directed by Nube Sandoval and Bernardo Rey, along with seven participants victims of torture.
The presence of these witnesses on the scene is a way to break the conspiracy of silence.

Dramaturgical Adaptation and Direction: Nube Sandoval and Bernardo  Rey
With the participation of 7 Refugees on stage.
Special participation: Mauro Tiberi and Angela Sajeva.

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